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You should try a safer treatment method. There are many options other than medication out there. A child should only be medicated if absolutely necessary. I would suggest you taper him off this medication, as it is only making things worse for him.

Stimulants (street or RX) can cause depression, or depressive symptoms, such as lost of interest in things.

Stopping meds should be done VERY slowly, as it can cause severe depression (withdrawal) and suicidal idealation. (Staying on it can also cause depression/suicidal thoughts, so not quitting because of this wouldnt make it better)

If his attention problems affect his schoolwork then get him a 504 so he can have some extra help.

90% of children who are medicated for this disorder should NOT be medicated and would be able to do just as well in life (probably much better) if they just got the extra help and attention they needed along with a safer treatment. (like biofeedback, behavior therapy, nutritional interventions, etc etc)

It's strange how some doctors will swear that people with true ADHD will not develope a tolerance to medications and once the proper dose is found it will not have to be raised (unless a raise is needed because of growth/weight gain)

Some say if a tolerance is developed it is not true ADD, that if a medication works for a short time then suddenly stops it is most likely another condition that mimics ADD.

While other doctors say it's perfectly normal to develope a tolerance. Well... it is normal to develope a tolerance to speed I guess, isn't it.

Some doctors used to believe (and some still do) that a good reaction to stimulant medication meant that the child was ADD positive. Well as you may or may not know this is a myth. In reality many non-ADD children respond to ritalin by becoming more focused and compliant.

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