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I am a brand new poster today. Please forgive me if I have repeated this question from a previous post. I had a bit of trouble navigating the searches so decided to post the question fresh.

I have noticed that since my DS age 8 has been taking Ritalin 5mg that he has improved in his teachers eyes. I have also noticed that home life has gotten worse in many ways. He seems to be rebounding in the evenings, weekends and this Christmas break(his first one since starting ritalin) has been heck on my patience. All of his normal ADD symptoms have become enormous at these times.

Currently he takes ritalin in the morning before school and after lunch at school. He does not get them at home. I do not wish to offer him meds on his off work days. He associates the meds with school work so far. I do not wish him to become overly dependant on the idea of ritalin helping him with everything. I think that would criple him and his self accomplishment.

I need for him to find a comfortable place with himself and his troubles. This constant inability to stay out of simple trouble is upsetting to everyone in our home. I can see in his eyes that he doesn't know why he can't stop. I also think he has noticed that things have gotten worse for him. He is confused and I don't have answers to help him understand.

I have looked up article after article on ADD and this over abundance of opinions has gotten my hackles up and caused me more confusion. I need first hand experience please. A friend directed me to you. I had intended to lurk a bit longer as I am not completely comfortable here yet but as I mentioned the information I am seeking eluded my efforts.

Thanks for your time and concern.

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