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Rebound is indeed very common on Ritalin - I have heard that using Concerta instead (same substance, on time-release) can "soften the blow" so to speak.

Also, most doctors these days do not recommend a "med break" since you don't just medicate the kid to get him good grades and get him to behave in school, but to allow him a more balanced home and social life as well (since inattention, hyperactivity and impulisvity can severely affect his social life). If you only medicate to get him better grades, then you might as well stop (not that I'm implying you are, but many parents do "med breaks" because they only medicate the kid to get them through school better).

As far as "insulin doesn't kill diabetics" is concerned - insulin DOES kill diabetics if used in the wrong dosage. Ditto for blood pressure medications and Ritalin. As with all meds you need to get the dosage right, and adapt it to the circumstances. People can indeed outgrow AD/HD (especially the hyperactivity) but many don't.

Medication doesn't HAVE to be the answer for AD/HD, but in severe cases with strong lack of focus and strong impulsivity and hyperactivity, it can make a crucial difference between a child who grows up without an education, full of hatred and with few friends who has never been able to learn how to cope with his problems (since he can't focus on what people are trying to teach him), and a child with a reasonable education who has learned to handle himself and has a reasonable amount of friends and a decent chance in life.

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