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[QUOTE=Palms1]To me it sounds like she is not having big problems with her ADHD in school. When her scores are lagging behind, what do you mean by that. Does she only make D's and F's? Or is she still able to learn and be an average student. Reading your post, it also does not seem like you are having any problems with her at home. Some parents put their kids on drugs because they want their child to be on the honor roll and - in my opinion - way too much emphasis is placed on having our kids on honor rolls and principal lists etc.
So if she is still able to learn what is taught in school and you don't have tremendous problems with her at home, I would never put her on ADHD drugs.[/QUOTE]

She has never made below a C on her report card. But I think you hit the nail on head about the honor roll and such. When she started public school, I was shocked at how much emphasis was placed on scores and honor rolls. It was almost like a competition between parents of whose child scored the highest. And if you're child didn't measure up, you weren't a good parent.

We are so blessed to now send her to a small private school where the majority of the student body are special needs children. I couldn't even tell you who are the high and low achievers in her classroom. She's in the 4th grade and still can't properly tell time, she has to add on her fingers and math word problems blow her away. After much reading and speaking with other parents, I've really come to the conclusion that my daughter's problem is not so much "ADD" but possibly dyslexia and sensory issues. Her inattention is a by-product of these issues. In my opinion, Adderall is not going to help, it's just a band-aid. But who knows, in the long run I may be wrong and she ends up going back on meds.

I guess I'm rambling again and thinking out loud. Afterall, I'm supposedly ADD too. I just hope parents will think when giving their child that pill every morning and be sure they know who it's really for.

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