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Strattera works on the neurostransmitter that is involved with regulating blood pressure. The name of the transmitter starts with an "N" but I can never remember the name. When my daughter took Stratterra, she constantly stayed hot. In the beginning she would literally have sweat running down her neck and back. She would also have periods of hot flashes where her face would flush red and she would get a pounding headache. What does that sound like? On the other hand, I have a friend whose daughter is very successfully taking Strattera and she suffered from low blood pressure and fainting spells which have stopped since taking Straterra. In my uneducated and unmedical opinion, I believe your cold hands and feet could be related to how Strattera is effecting your blood pressure and the blood flow to your extremities. Effects on blood pressure is one of the side-effects of Strattera.

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