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So far your experience parallels mine. You wanted to know when I started having the more serious side effects. I could say I started noticing the urinary and sexual side effects about 6-weeks in on full dose for me which was 80 mp/day. What you want to look for is a slight discharge after urinating that seems like semen. Also, note if you feel like you can't empty your bladder completely. The other feeling you want to look for is a slight burning sensation during ejaculation. Now, another experience I had was accidently double dosing one day. I started sweating profusely (cold sweats) and my heartrate skyrocketed. I thought I was going to die right then and there (must be what a panic attack feels like, since I've never had one). I could also tell you the story of when I was running and had to urinate. I did so, and didn't feel like I could empty my bladder so stopped again. I then started having a burning sensation in the general area of my prostate. I stopped and went again, but nothing came out but discharge. Long story short, I could barely walk due to the pain, went to the hospital and they couldn't find a thing. I told the Doctor I was taking Strattera, but they obviously hadn't read up on it and didn't factor that in. That is the point I stopped taking it cold turkey (I figured to hell with weaning off it, I wanted this crap out of my system as fast as possible). The negative side effects went away in a couple weeks.

As for the question on if I would have benefited from it without the negative side effects, I would say yes at full dose for about a month to two. After that, the benefits started to diminish. Honestly, I get more out of caffine so long as I don't overdo it. I'm talking the equivalent to two strong cups of coffee a day. I wish you the best of luck.

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