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Hello All,

First post on this site. I started taking 20mg of Adderall XR sometime around mid December 2003. I experienced almost a high feeling for a couple of hours during the first two days. I still on occassion can feel a little lift when the Adderall kicks in. I also had dry mouth most days, but that has since subsided. After the first week I had adjusted to the few side effects and started thinking that the Adderall was not working any longer because I was not feeling that little high that I was used to feeling. So as a test I stopped taking Adderall for a couple of days and I found that it had indeed been helping. For those two days, I was more distracted and less patient than had been for weeks.

I went back to my Dr., and told him that I thought the Adderall was helping, but that I seem to run out of steam and get headaches around 2-3 pm. I am guessing this is the "crash" I have heard associated with Adderall.

I have now started taking 30mg in the morning and 10mg in the late afternoon as I have to work during the day and attend classes in the evening. I hope the increased dosage will help.

On another note, I had heard that I should try to avoid caffeine products as it countered the Adderall. I had not however heard anything about citrus. I drink a bottle of O.J. every morning. I will stop and see what changes occur if any. Can anyone tell me how the citrus products degraded the Adderall?

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