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It was only 2 years ago (At age 32) that I was fianally diagnosed with ADD (not ADHD). I am currently on Adderall. It has certianly been helpful for me at work. However, I'm not completely satified with the improvement. I get the sense that Adderall is only a part of the solution to my ADD symptoms. Some days are great.. others are not. I feel the need to take other steps to enhance my level of improvement. It's either that or perhaps I have a condition in addition to ADD. Some personal observations: * Even with Adderall, I often feel a bit "foggy" until noon. The "fog" gradually eases throughout the morning and typically is gone after I have eaten lunch. (Sleep and/or nutrition factors?) * My clarity seems to be at it's best in the late afternoon / evening, sometimes even after the Adderall should have worn off. * I have caffine drinks throughout the day. My understanding is that caffine can have lingering effects that might account for how I feel later in the day. * One of my best days (a day I recall having a very high level of clarity) was a day I had a really bad cold and was taking Sudifed. I assume it was the stimulant in the cold meds in combination with the Adderall that worked really really well. Iím beginning to wonder if I should be on a caffine-like stimulant in combination with / instead of the Adderall. Does any of this sound familar? If so, I'd like to hear your story. I plan to explore the nutrition angle, I'm hopeful I can find the right treatment plan for me. Any thoughts are appreciated. Please donít be shy. Thanks.

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