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We have a 15 year old son in the 9th grade that was diagnosed several years ago with ADD and was tested again last year with the same diagnosis. Over the years we have tried various medecines. Over the summer and into the first few weeks of school we tried 60mg of Strattera which helpd him sleep but didn't really seem to improve his behavior in school. We switched back to Concerta and currently he is taking 2 x 36mg tablets each morning.

He constantly struggles in school. He can do the work and knows the material when we study but does horrible on test. He has a problem focusing in school, writting down his assignments and talkiing in class. We are working with the school system on a 504 designation and developing a structure that can help him.

The problem we have it he doesn't realize what he is doing sometimes. He says he is behaving in class and doing his work but the teachers say something different.

The other evening while we were out he ordered a pizza We found the box the next morning and asked him about it he denied it. We showed him the box with the delivery slip on it. He got real upset and started crying about it. We have had similiar situations where we know he has done something but he denies it. Seems like he blocks it out of his mind and can't remember what he does at times.

My wife and I struggle with this and how to help him.

Any suggestions?

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