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My son is 11 1/2 and has been on Strattera since March. He ALSO takes 36mg of Concerta with it. The combination of the two medications works very well for him. The Strattera reduces his general activity level and controls his anxiety, and it prevents the let down when the Concerta wears off. Additionally, the Strattera seems to inhibit many of the side effects he had while taking Concerta alone--namely, lack of appetite and severe insomnia. He now has NO trouble falling asleep at night and eats much better than he did while only on Concerta. The Concerta works for his focusing/attention and impulsivity. I was VERY concerned about the possibility of Strattera affecting his development during puberty (which he has not yet entered) after reading about the male side effects; however, my son has not been bothered by side effects from the Strattera.
My son took 54mg of Concerta for about a year and a half and it worked great for all of his ADHD symptoms. But, he was highly anxious, had NO appetite until around 9:00pm when the medicine wore off, and rarely was able to fall asleep before midnight. He did not gain any weight the last eight months he was on the Concerta. In March, we switched him to Strattera only (40mg). He gained 5 pounds the first two weeks he was on the Strattera and started going to sleep nightly between 9-10pm. Unfortunately, the Strattera did nothing to help his focusing/attention, and only minimally improved his impulsivity. BUT, his anxiety (night fears and panic attacks after medical procedures) while on Strattera virtually disappeared, his general activity level greatly decreased, and he could eat and sleep normally. So, the doctor added 36mg of Concerta to be taken WITH the Strattera. The combination seems to work very well for him--the ADHD is controlled, as is his anxiety, and he can eat and sleep. The additional benefit is that the Strattera seems to counteract the stimulant letdown. We'll probably continue the combination until it doesn't work or unless he develops problems from it.

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