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I am so thankful for everyone's input on this. There are not that many ADHD children in our area and just as I read from one letter on this post few people really understand ADHD unless they are truly dealing with it. Most opinions are "Give me an hour with him I'll make him listen." They just look at these children as being bad. Few people really understand ADHD. Even the family doctor said his kids, when younger, were hyper he guesses they should have been on Ritilan!!
Maybe our grandson was on the wrong dose of Concerta. Did someone say Concerta does not make them sad looking or nervous as does Ritilan??? When he was on it (18 mg.) he did have great concentration but they had hyper problems with him at school (he did not get his work done) not to mention the mega sleeping and eating problems (he ate less on it than on Ritilan) . Is it supposed to help them to focus and calm the hyperness as Ritilan???? I will print all of your letters and give them to my daughter in law who could use the lift. It really helps knowing others are going through similar problems and can offer such assistance. Thanks again, Karon

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