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Karon-totally understandable what you are going through. We knew my son was ADHD before actually diagnosed. Until he got in school is when we actually did meds. ( after counceling - diet changes - etc.. we tried many other options.) We have settled with Concerta. Yes it does mess with his eating - but every 3months he is examined by his doctor to make sure he isn't losing weight, and I just keep good foods around, when he does it it is nutrionally good for him. Yes it does mess with his sleeping some he has a hard time falling asleep. We start out at 8pm going to bed and he usually falls asleep by 10pm-wakes again at 6, so that is about 8hrs.. if we are lucky and it doesn't seem to be bothering him any. We haven't had any issues on Conerta with sad/nervous/depression - We did try Straterra (that is a non-stimulant) and he was very sad!! and nervous!!! all the time in addition to all he did was sleep!!!! Anyway-I do remember my doctor saying that one type of med. maybe better than another - there are others out there along with non-stimulants, just got to try and try differenet doses. My son was on a lower dose of Concerta than he is on know and it seemed to make him very jitterey-- the doctor uped it (which I couldn't believe he did my thinking was this amount was making him that way why would upping it be different) but it helped out tremendously!!! Hang in there - our whole ordeal of the initial diagnosis and starting of meds...was very hard on everyone around!!! hoping your doing the right thing...and not wanting your child to be a guinea pig.... :angel:
don't mean to butt in on your conversation, but thought I'd share that Straterra definitely does seem to have helped my son's depression. He now longer talks about wishing he could die. Not sure how much of this is due to being less hyper (& therefore more socially acceptable and not so isolated) and how much is due to an antidepressant effect of Straterra. Whatever it is, I've been grateful for it.
do you think the concerta is worsening your child's anxiety? That can certainly be a side effect, I'm sure you know.
Hi index:
Thank you for "butting". Could you tell me how old is he and how long has he been on Straterra and is he ADHD. Meaning does he need help with hyper and focussing??? Is it meant for this and depression? How long has he been on it and was he tried on other drugs first. My grandson was first put on Ritilan in Kinder. when they said he would lose his year, because he could not focus to do the work and upset the class so much that he spent most of his time in the office. What are the side effects i.e. eating, sleeping. Our granson suffers great anxiety in the classroom. Thanks so much (sorry for all the questions) Karon

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