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Kevin (my son)was started on concerta cr about 6 months ago at 18mg then 36mg now 54mg because he wasn't stable enough with less. but I dont want you to think he's a zombie or anything.but he was getting very very depressed and angry and felt very unwanted.It is hard to see such a young kid feeling so down,he even talked about being better off dead.
He also suffers from aniety attacks he used to call me from his classroom 8 to 10 x's a day.for this area he takes paxil 12.5 mg.along w/the conserta.we are thinking about trying strattera next week.I'm just worried about school.anyway if you are still wanting to find counceling try your local guidance clinic or call your state or county mental health dept.they can give you referrals.also check with his schools special education department they should have on site counciling cause it helps
Hi dquist:
Do you mean you are thinking of changing the Concerta to Strattera??? Why??? Is he still depressed on the Concerta???? Has he ever been on Ritilan?
You know sometimes I think ADHD has similarities to Manic Depressive Disorder. Sometimes (the odd time) he surprises us and is so agreeable and seems so happy and loves getting complimented. Other times he's so cranky (even upon wakening) and he'll get angry if you compliment him and say he did good at something. He'll clench his teeth and say "Don't say that!" When he does get soooo miserable he can quickly change back [B]if [/B] we are patient and use the correct technique which is not always easy as you all know. Sometimes [B]I [/B] feel hyper trying to make my brain work quickly wondering okay how will I deal with this situation? It really helps reading everyone elses experiences! I feel I understand him more and I find it gives me more patience with him and I think he notices it. Thank Karon
Hi everyone,
Yes I want to change to strattera,mainly because it is not a stimulant and works more on the nerotransmitters in the brain,The story I was talking about in a previous reply was a true story written by a well know doctor with adhd he discribes it as snow on a t.v set and that is how fast and kaotic things appear to them.They tend not to have friends because they are overberring and they say and do things before the brain has a chance to catch up with them.
They see things,life differnt then the rest of us.actually they are much more in touch with there world than we realize.they just need to be able to control it and accept it.My son goes through phases of not wanting to take his meds.I found out (while on ritalin 3x a day,at lunch at school)the lunch lady would yell across the lunch room for him to go take his meds,then after lunch teacher would get mad cause it would take awhile for him to settle down,and accuse him of not taking his meds in front of everyone that alone was devestating to reason why we switched to concerta cr a 1x a day med.cause its time released. Karon if he's acting angry its for a reason,it could be something so trivial that you would never think to ask.or something so intense you would never have been able to guess either. my son was obbsessed about always being with me .to the point of calling from school 10x aday. I later found out he was afraid that I was going to die and he said if I did he wanted to be with me.This all came from a figure of speech.He over heard me say something to the effect that if I get any more tired with driving home from work I think I'll die.He took that statement litterally. adhd kids take everything litterally .tell me if this sounds familiar

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