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The problem is, Jeffie, that because Concerta and Adderall are different drugs there just isn't any way to compare them mg to mg.

Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Concerta, Metadate plus the generic forms are all methylphenidate so tables exist for how to convert from one to the other.

But Adderall, as freespirit pointed out, is composed of mixed salts of amphetamines. Individual responses vary. If you switched, your doctor would probably want to start you on a fairly low dose and ramp it up as needed. I'll also second what freespirit said with regards to Adderall (like Concerta) being a stimulant medication and will, therefore, work immediately. It's not like Straterra where a blood level has to be built up.

I personally don't have any experience with Adderall, but what I've read makes me think others tend to have an even harder time when it wears off than what we experience with Concerta. My son's psychiatrist says that, in her experience, there is less rebound with Metadate than anything else, but again, I can't speak from experience.

Have you considered counseling along with the medication? Perhaps you could get some useful tips to help you not feel so overwhelmed. The counselor I see now has helped me tremendously!

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