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Yes, Doonsbury, I have found that taking 36mg in the morning and then another 18mgs in the PM IS helpful, for me at least. I'm still wondering if Adderall wouldn't be more effective, but have decided to stick with this regimen for a while longer before switching. Since I've been unsuccessful in finding any comparisons--other than what Free Spirit offered--of the two, as far as milligram per milligram of each, I don't want to risk losing what benefit I am deriving from the Concerta now. But the split dosing does seem to carry me through most days without the sudden and drastic "down" that one dose in the morning did. I also wish I could afford some ADD coaching, because while the meds ARE helping, I'm still overwhelmed with the mess I made before I got on them--where to start? That's the question that I get stuck on, with regard to the mess my life is.

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