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Has your grandson been properly tested for other psychological/physical problems before getting diagnosed with ADHD? There are many things that can cause this but doctors usually just diagnose and medicate rather than looking for the real issue.

After being on stimulant medication it can take about a year to come off it. What I mean is... if a child is on this medication, and goes off of it for a short while, their ADHD symptoms are likely to be VERY HORRIBLE for a long period of time, this of course makes people very reluctant to go off of the medication. Because they feel that these symptoms are the original ADHD symptoms, but they are not. It's very sad and happens more than people like to believe. This is just one of the reasons why I recommend looking into all other safer options of treatment before using medication. There are many options docs don't tell you about. A few are nutritional, biofeedback, behavioral therapy.

I was medicated when I was younger and I am asking you to please look into ALL possible options and know the possible side effects of these medications.

Also, don't just ask for testing of physical issues that can cause these symptoms, DEMAND it. Many of these children have other conditions that just look like ADHD.
Hi Karon,

It always breaks my heart to read about the struggles with ADD/ADHD. I can really sympathize with you. I have two sons with ADHD. The way that the doctor explained it to me is you divide the concerta dosage by 3 to compare to Ritalin because it is a 12 hour medication. Concerta comes in 18 , 27, or 36 mg. 27 mg would be equivalent to 9 mg of Ritalin. I have one son who takes Concerta and one who takes Ritalin. The 10 year old takes 20 mg of Ritalin in the AM and 15 at lunchtime. He weighs 80 or so pounds. What time does your grandson get home from school? Is he coming home hyper or he gets hyper after it wears off? Maybe he needs 10 at lunchtime too. my son gets home at 2:45 so I find that we have about an hour to get homework done before his meds wear off. If we wait until evening, then it is nearly impossible to get homework done. We don't give him Concerta because he would go all day without eating.

My other child takes Concerta and we definitely have sleep issues. I give it to him at 6:30 am which helps. He still is usually up until 10 pm. It's heartbreaking to have the side effects but his life would be horrible without meds. He catches up on his sleep on the weekends. What time were you giving your grandson his Concerta in the morning? I give him Ritalin sometimes instead of Concerta if he gets up late on the weekend so he isn't up all night. I refuse to give it to him after 7 am.

Another option is the new med Strattera. It can take a few weeks to kick in but it is non stimulant so it doesn't have all the side effects. Some people give a low dose of Ritalin along with it during the transition. The poster "Relieved Mom" is having success with Strattera.

Please feel free to respond with any questions. Good luck.

My daughter 10 yo takes concerta with much less side effects of ritalin although at high dose-- the pills also come in 54 mg. Ritalin was awful for her! My step daughter takes 36 mg Concerta. Our doc tries to go by a rule of 1 mg per Kg of weight although my daughter is well over that.

My son is 11 1/2, weighs about 70 lbs, and is currently on 36 mg of Concerta AND 40 mg of Strattera. We have tried Ritalin, Concerta, and Strattera individually and in combination. With Ritalin alone he took 15 mg in the morning, 10 mg at lunchtime, and 5 mg after school. It worked okay but there were lots of ups and downs as it would wear off. Concerta alone (he was on 54 mg for over a year) worked great for all of his ADHD symptoms and kept him very even for a full 12 hours, but he was never hungry (until 9 pm when it wore off) and rarely could fall asleep before midnight--also, he had terrible anxiety at night (mostly nighttime fears). Strattera alone (40 mg) helped his general activity level, his impulsivity to some degree, greatly increased his appetite and made him able to go to sleep nightly before 10 pm. It also seemed to virtually eliminate his anxiety; but it did nothing for his attention/focusing. The combination of Strattera WITH the stimulant (he now takes 40 mg Strattera AND 36 mg Concerta at 7:00 am during the week, and 40 mg Strattera AND 10 mg Ritalin in the morning on the weekends or nonschool days if he gets up any later than 8:00 am) seems to work the best for him. The Strattera seems to counteract the side effects of the stimulant (as long as he takes BOTH, he will eat during the day, he can go to sleep easily at night, all symptoms of the ADHD are controlled, there is no stimulant letdown when it wears off, and his anxiety is controlled).
My son is 8yrs old weighs 61#, and is on 54mg concerta. We had been on Ritalin but like your concern the homework issues were soo frustrating, it hurt me to just watch him struggle!! We intitially tried a lower dose of Concerta, but he started to fall back in school. He does have the side effects -not eating real well, and the sleep issues--but we deal with them and for us this is the right decision. He does very well in school with behavior-and in math & science, but still struggling with reading/comprehension which we are working on.

HTH :wave:

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