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HI Karon,
I should explain that my son also has anxiety issues and he also shows signs of the obbsessive compussive behavior as well.But,to add to all of this he also has herpetic kerititis in his right eye,which is actually herpes of the eye.since he was 5 months old.(just for the curious no he did not recieve herpes from birth.he almost lost the eye twice at 7 months and again at 4 yrs. Kevin has had an outbreak somewhere in or around his eye constantly.his eye had turned completely grey no pupil ,no color,just a grey blob. now the eye looks normal except the corneal scaring in bad eye is 20/400.I think alot of his adhd was self taught as an infant and todler because he would always avoid using his fine motor skills and could not use the eye for months at a time.sorry for rambling on and on but this is where the depression and anxiety create a vicious circle for him.he stresses about the herpes and gets ashamed and embarrased by it,plus the herpes feeds off of his emotions and attacks when he's

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