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Hi Karon,

It always breaks my heart to read about the struggles with ADD/ADHD. I can really sympathize with you. I have two sons with ADHD. The way that the doctor explained it to me is you divide the concerta dosage by 3 to compare to Ritalin because it is a 12 hour medication. Concerta comes in 18 , 27, or 36 mg. 27 mg would be equivalent to 9 mg of Ritalin. I have one son who takes Concerta and one who takes Ritalin. The 10 year old takes 20 mg of Ritalin in the AM and 15 at lunchtime. He weighs 80 or so pounds. What time does your grandson get home from school? Is he coming home hyper or he gets hyper after it wears off? Maybe he needs 10 at lunchtime too. my son gets home at 2:45 so I find that we have about an hour to get homework done before his meds wear off. If we wait until evening, then it is nearly impossible to get homework done. We don't give him Concerta because he would go all day without eating.

My other child takes Concerta and we definitely have sleep issues. I give it to him at 6:30 am which helps. He still is usually up until 10 pm. It's heartbreaking to have the side effects but his life would be horrible without meds. He catches up on his sleep on the weekends. What time were you giving your grandson his Concerta in the morning? I give him Ritalin sometimes instead of Concerta if he gets up late on the weekend so he isn't up all night. I refuse to give it to him after 7 am.

Another option is the new med Strattera. It can take a few weeks to kick in but it is non stimulant so it doesn't have all the side effects. Some people give a low dose of Ritalin along with it during the transition. The poster "Relieved Mom" is having success with Strattera.

Please feel free to respond with any questions. Good luck.


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