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Does anyone take Ritilan 3 times a day (morning, noon and after school?) My grandson is almost 8 and weighs 60 lb and has been on Ritalin since five and a half. Anyway though it works while he’s on it (aside from sometimes making him a little nervous and at times a little sad looking) by the time school is out he’s very hyper again of course. It is a struggle getting him to do his homework. We do get it done but I’m sure in 10 times longer than required. Of course everything else that takes any concentration at all suffers also. We will be seeing the specialist on the 20th and I feel he may try to switch him to Concerta again (for the evening concentration) . He was on it once before (for 2 weeks) as prescribed by our family doctor, but he was only on 19 or 21 mg. /day. The school complained he was hyper and misbehaving in school again, but after school he had great concentration til about 7 or 8 (but he ate less than on Ritilan and stayed awake half of the night). Anyway he’s back on 15 mg. Ritilan (10 before school, 5 at lunch time) which will probably increase to 20mg/day as afternoons he’s becoming difficult again at school. We’re wondering if the dosage (of the Concerta) was wrong. We need his concentration in the evenings as he’ll soon have much more homework and what will we do then??? He’ll also be in soccer in the spring and it’s at 6:00 p.m.!! Please give me some insight on the proper dosages of Concerta and Ritilan. Thank you again Karon
Thank you Kboon for your input.
My grandson has been on Ritilan since Sr K and now in grade 2. He started 5 mg. at 8:00 and 5 mg. at noon. He's now been on 10 mg in the morning and 5 at noon for about a year. Well the 10 is not working at all now it's almost as if he hasn't had any so we've upped it to 15 mg. in the morning and will probably increase the noon one to 10 after a week. The pharmacist said some kids are up to 60 mg!!!! a day. We see the specialist on the 20th. and the pharmacist thinks he may put him on a slow release Ritilan (not Concerta) it's an 8 hour pill and then what they do is add 5 or 10 mg. at noon to keep it going. I was glad to hear what another child is taking. How does you son eat and sleep on the Concerta ???? Isn't the paxil an antidepressent???? Why does your son not want to take his med???? I've heard when they become teens they try not to take it. In fact a fellow I work with - his son stopped his at 13 not at 15 they've just caught him with cocaine!!!!! What a worry!!!!!!! Thanks Karon

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