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Dear Happy Again,

Thank you so much for your sharing your experience. It was beautifully written and, obviously, came from the heart.

Our experience with ADD has been somewhat similiar to yours although I, unfortunately, was slower coming to acceptance first of my kids' diagnoses and then to treatment. In fact, we're still struggling with it.

My 13yo has been severely ADHD (heavy on the H) since birth. I wasn't convinced of the validity of ADD when he was young. It's against district policy here for teachers to suggest an evaluation so it took me longer than it otherwise might have to come to that conclusion. Then we did years of all the treatments that you tried which only served to increase my son's anxiety, too. Because he's also had tics, we are only now trying the stimulants for him. We're very gradually increasing the dose and are finally beginning to see definitive results. Unfortunately, the damage to his self-esteem has been immense; I'm concerned that it's irreparable.

We still struggle with our younger son who is now 10. He has inattentive ADD without the hyperactivity. Because he's so much more mildly affected than his big brother, we aren't yet comfortable with medicating him. In fact, I'm still having trouble convincing Dad that he does have ADD - much less, that he would do better with medication.

It's difficult. It's hard to know what to do. And then, as if that wasn't enough, you have to fight the schools for every little accomodation and deal with those who sit in judgement of your decisions.

Thanks for letting me indulge myself in a pity party. And, thanks again for sharing with us.

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