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[QUOTE=Karon]Just wondering how many ADHD children out there who wet the bed and forget a lot. My grandson is 7 1/2 and wets the bed 9 days out of 10. We don't make a big thing out of it (aside from praising when he doesn't) and the doctor had told us before that it is common in ADHD children??? Also he often forgets i.e. his papa goes to the store, kisses him good bye etc. and 10 minutes later he'll say to me where's papa??? Tx Karon[/QUOTE]


I wet my bed until I was probably 11. I can't remember exactly how often, but it wasn't quite that much, at least by the time I quit. To tell you the truth, I don't know what made me quit, though. Obviously, my general confidence was slammed everytime my syblings teased me about it. However, I just recently read an article by a very respected phsycologist that said it wasn't related to ADD. What they recommended was certainly making sure they went to the bathroom before bed. More importantly, (and my folks didn't do this, but probably should have) set an alarm clock for the middle of the night in their room to prompt them to get up out of probably a very deep sleep and force themselves to urinate. I know I was a VERY deep sleeper. Putting it in their room, and leaving it to THEIR responsibility would probably build their confidence as well; I can't help but think that would've helped mine. Other than that, recommend to the parents cut them as much slack as you can, and tell the syblings (without the bedwetter's knowledge) to try as hard as possible to do the same. I'm not saying to play fav's, but he TRULY can't help it. He will come out of it on his own.
As far as that severe forgetfulness, that definitely seems serious. Anyhoo, hope that helps.

Good luck,
King Conga

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