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[QUOTE=Kierdalt]Our youngest son is 8 years old. We have had him on Ritalin RA, Adderal, Straterra and currently back to Concerta 54 mg over the past 2 years. He began to further decline this year with uncontrolled behaviors in school. He has outbursts, refuses to do class work and hides under his desk. He has no friends as he frightens the other children with his outburts (per the teacher).

He's had problems with insomnia and weight loss. We have modified his diet to weed out food dyes, processed foods and have changed to "natural" cleaning products.

In December, he stated he "didn't want to live anymore". The Dr. referred us to a psychiatrist and he placed him on Zoloft in addition to the Concerta. He has become so out of control and angry, I stopped to Zoloft because I felt his behaviors had hightened since the introduction of the drug.

He hates school and constantly says he wants to be kicked out to the point of stealing and lying. When asked why he did it, he states "I was hoping they would kick me out". He is an extremely intelligent child and we have urged the school to challenge him more. I feel he has actually gone backward in his intellect due to not receiving an appropriate education.

The school calls us at least twice a week to pick him up early because "he won't cooperate". We are at such an impass with the school, we have retained an attorney. He does have a 504 Plan and I have requested a CSE meeting to be scheduled for an IEP to be discussed.

We have recently had him tested for Asberger's/Autism, which the results were negative. We have scheduled an OT evail for the near future.

We feel so hopeless and frustrated. I am watching my loving, artistic and brilliant star fade away. I am willing to try anything. I have read your thoughts on beCalm'd and I have also looked into Attend/Extress. I am not sure which would be the best? I have also looked into PlayAttention. Does anyone have any feedback? Is there anything else anyone can suggest? At this point, the drugs haven't worked and he is worse. Please, if anyone has any suggestions we would be so grateful!

Many thanks in advance...from upstate, NY[/QUOTE]

His sleep/weight loss problems are a result of medication since these are typical side effects. Stimulants can cause depression as well according to new studies. I don't know how he was before drugs, but it is clear the drugs have worsened his condition, that is if he really had one to start with. Since kids are given these drugs with no definitive biological tests to determine a biological cause, it really becomes a matter of theory and brain experiment. It's up to you whether to continue the drugs, but slowly weaning off (there could be withdrawals) and going with more harmless things like Omega 3's could work wonders.

Also, I've heard of some special natural supplements for ADD that are supposed to be a more natural avenue for those people who don't do well with meds.

Getting him involved in martial arts may be a plus. My son not only learned self-defense, but it's vigorous exercise and they also teach about disipline and taking care of the spirit. My nephew(who was diagnoised ADD) also benefits from it. He had adverse symptoms from both Adderall and Strattera so his parents decided to get him off drugs completely.

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