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[QUOTE=lasia221]hi jennita
i'm sure you didn't read my initial post in this forum, but the fibro, the pain, and the sleep problems are fairly recent. last 4-6 years. the ADD, and the many many many symptoms well pre-date that, going back to early childhood.
pain does not keep me awake. also, the sleep problems started before i was diagnosed with fibro, well before (the diag and the meds are very recent, last 6 months) i was on any meds.

you think like my doc :) i am to get a sleep study done. :)

also, i'm sure my post you replied to was confusing, i'm bad about that, but the first guy that i was talking about, the mean one with the retarded "test", i don't think (at least i hope not) that THAT was the neuro-psych test.
that's why i'm asking what IS a neuro-psych test, and what should i expect? i want to know for my own worries, but also to compare...if others on here have had one done, and can tell me about it, if mine is nothing like that, then i know that something fishy is going on, that the doc isn't right, and that i need someone else.[/QUOTE]

Well, yes, interpreting message boards is not always easy. I mentioned medications and fibro together since there have been some links to AD's causing fibro and other things like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. AD's also have an adverse effect to the sleep pattern, but so do alot of things like benzos, alcohol, stimulants, etc. If you had pre-existing sleep issues, meds sometimes worsen that. Pinpointing the origin of sleep problems is hard, but like I said, if that's screwed up, mental function and of course the physical health will be effected. If you could go back and discover the origin, that would be good but sleep is effected by a variety of physical and sometimes mental/emotional things so I know it's hard.

The sleep study might help. Have you also had a full blood workup? Thyroid disease or hormone imbalances can effect sleep too.

Good luck finding out. If you had ADD stuff in childhood, that really doesn't mean alot because kids sometimes take longer to mature, and there are sometimes other reasons for such behaviors.

At any rate, since you are having sleep issues, the last thing you would need is a stimulant medication! Strattera isn't as bad, but it can change on you later nephew started getting woke up at night alot after he was on it for awhile and as a result he was always fatigued. His previous Adderall caused him to have mood-swings. His parents got fed up and he's off all meds. He is healthier and happier lately, not moody or tired at all. Seems now, however, he is doing just fine in school without them...go figure.

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