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[QUOTE=* Free ~ Spirit *]You should not take a single amino acid if you are having to take an extremely high dose. Instead you would want to combine small/average amounts of several ingediants that work well with each other. You would not be taking doses high enough to cause side effects like those your MD mentioned! When a high dose of a specific amino acid is needed supervision is recommended. There are some amino acids that can be taken in high doses, others cannot. Do your research and stick to average doses until you are positive higher doses are safe.

I take supplements daily that are equal to taking 3 beCalmd capsules (ingrediant/dosage wise).

I also take omega3

As for single amino acids, I am taking GABA, as a mood stabilizer. For it to work as well as a medication (such as depakote) I have to take an extremely high amount. This is all supervised by my doctor and pharmacist.

If you need whats considered a high dose of any supplement/amino acid you should be unter the care of a professional... a doctor, pharmacist, or nutritionalist. Of course, there arent many doctors who know about supplements, you are lucky if you find one! Seems like your doctor doesnt know much...[/QUOTE]

Free Spirit:

One of my big questions regarding taking supplements, especially amino acids, is what is the correct dosage. What is considered high and what is considered low? And I know it will vary from person to person but I'm looking for a ball park. From reading my other posts, you know I'm beginning my daughter on becalm'd. According to the literature, she should take 6 capsules a day as she weighs over 100 lbs. I noticed you say that you take supplements equivalent to only 3. If you remember, she is the inattentive type ADD so should she take the 6 or would only 3 suffice? She tends to need higher doses of medication so I'm really thinking she needs the 6 capsules.

Also, for myself, I'm taking a product that is a Balanced Amino Acid forumula that includes 20 amino acids. The label indicates to take 3 a day but sometimes I'm leary of following the dosage directions on supplements as they're not regulated and of course, the more you take, the more you spend. At their indicated dosage, I would be taking a little over 300 mgs. of tyrosine and a little over 400 mg of phenylalanine just to give you an idea of strengths of dosage in this product. But then when my daughter takes becalm'd, she will be getting much high dosages of phenylalnine. What is a safe dosage amount?

I hope I'm making sense here but I just have had a hard time finding proper dosage amounts for supplements other than the dosing on the actual bottle. And I've already commented on how I feel about that. I don't want to end up doing more harm with supplements than I would with Adderall but on the other hand, I want both of us to take enough to do some good. HELP! :confused:

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