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[QUOTE=ilovesunshine]What about if you have trouble concentraing or if you can't focus? Is that a symptom of ADD?[/QUOTE]

Yes, but you must have had some of the symptoms of ADD since childhood no matter what. It is not a disorder that is developed. People are born with it. However, in some cases its not diagnosed until adulthood. Have you had trouble concentrating since childhood? What are your other symptoms? There are many physical and psychological issues that cause symptoms that look like ADD. People tend not to realize this so they dont get checked for other issues, they get treated for "ADD" but this treatment is just a cover up while the real problem goes unsolved.

Important questions:
1. When did your symptoms begin?
Talk to people from your past. Ask your parents if they recall any ADD traits. Look at old report cards (COMMENTS are just, as if not more important than grades when looking at a report card), if possible visit past teachers.
2. ADD runs in the family-
Think about your family members. Do any of them display the same traits/symptoms that could be classified as ADD(even though it might be undiagnosed)?
3. Do you have any physical problems that run in your family?
(example thyroid disorder, allergies, vitamin deficincies, other)
4. Does mental illness run in your family?
(example depression/anxiety, bipolar disorder, other)
5.What are your symptoms? How are they impacting your life?

P.S. -
It is VERY important to remember that although ADD can still be diagnosed in adulthood it is present in childhood. The diagnostic criteria mentions some symptoms must have been present before age 7. Question 1 is very important.

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