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My recommendation would be to find a place to study where you would be the most comfortable. Even ADD people while on Adderal have a hard time just sitting anywhere and studying for hours upon end. There are certain place I go to where I can study and reduce distraction. Maybe ifyou played some soft music in the background to create white noise. That helps me. Whan of my non ADD friends says his trick is he makes himself like the material he is reading. An ADDer could never do that.

Just one note...Adderal is a controled substance and it is a crime to take it if it is not perscribed to you. Even with ADHD I feel the side affects of Adderall. I usually don't have any desire to eat when the stuff is in my system and if I take my afternoon homework dose too late in the afternoon I can't sleep until 1 or 3 am. I can only imagine how tired you are after the amphetemine wore off.

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