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[QUOTE=* Free ~ Spirit *]My parent tried to do what was best for me? By never researching, never reading, never looking for safer options. Drugging me throughout my childhood with amphetamines which can cause numerous problems. Why? So that I would not be hyperactive, so that I would not be diseruptive, so she wouldnt have to spend as much time helping me with my homework? Yes, she tried to do what was best for me and ended up doing more harm than good. All because other treatments were not explored first. If they had been, a lot of issues caused by the adderall would have been avoided! Of course, she is not the one who had to deal with the effects of the medication. To her the adderall = a well behaved coopertive child who did better on homework. Now I am OK, I have recovered from the years of being medicated. I know many many others however, who are not so lucky.[/QUOTE]

Free ~ Spirit
Hi there. It sounds to me like you have alot of resentment about your parents putting you on meds as a child. I am sorry that you went through such a bad experience.

I am a 34 year old mom with 3 boys. 2 of my 3 boys have adhd and I have add. I only wish my parents had taken some steps to help me as a child. I always knew I was different but did not understand any of it.

My boys are on meds as well as myself. I am so happy that we have the option of taking medication to help us be more "normal" and productive with our lives. My oldest son is old enough to say no to the meds if he wants but he realizes that without them his life is much more difficult.

I wish you well.


To: LLinder
My oldest son (13 years old) takes Concerta 36mg. His doctor wanted to up his medicine and when she did he was very aggressive. It was just too much medication for him. We lowered his dosage and what I found helpful to keep the meds working is med breaks. Corey does not take his meds on Sundays and for a few days during school breaks. While it is much more "crazy" around here it gives his body a rest from the meds and helps them work much more effectively.

Also remember what works for one child will not necessarily work for another child. My youngest is on Adderall and Concerta does nothing for him. I have taken Adderall and Concerta and neither helped me but Wellbutrin seems to be doing wonders. I guess we just have to be patient and experiment.

Big Hugs,

If you choose to be offended by something thats your choice.

How many parents and children do you "deal with" on a daily basis?

Maybe its different in your state but where I am ADHD is very overdiagnosed. Most times the only testing done before diagnosis and medicating is 1 teacher survery and 1 parent survey.

Just because your experience has been different does not mean that my experience/opinions are wrong or invalid. I see no reason for you to be offended by what I said. Just because you havent had experience with the overdiagnosis/overmedicating doesnt mean that its not happening!!!

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