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[QUOTE=BetsyAnn]I am so glad that I read your posts. My son has been on strattera for about 10 months and it has helped him so much with anxiety, depression, and obsessions. It has also helped with his nervous fidgiting (what his doctor considers hyperactivity). However it has not helped his attention at all.

I don't think my son actually has adhd. However, I am glad the Dr. thought he did because this is the perfect medicine for him and I doubt the dr. would have prescribed it for the other conditions. (Right medicine-wrong diagonsis-in my opinion)

The problem I am having is that going in for med checks is [U]very annoying [/U] to me. I believe that my son's issues are anxiety, germ obsessions, and some depression. The Dr. however, thinks that these are just symptoms of the adhd. So the Dr.'s focus is always the adhd (which I don't think he has). He uses the fact that my son is doing so well in school as evidence that the medicine is working for the adhd. My son is getting staight A's-but he always has. However, he does not listen when the teacher gives instructions and he is often off task--just as he has been since kindergarten. School is very easy for him and he does not require the normal repetition. He also has never had to pay attention to do well in school. He is a very deep thinker and is usally working out a solution to something. Since he was a toddler he has had issues with anxiety and obsessions. But he never had any attention problems [I]at home [/I] until fourth grade. (He is currently in fifth grade.)

I do have a six year old that I am certain has adhd. So I don't think this is just denial. When we first started seeing the psychiatrist I appeased my self by saying-It doesn't matter what we call it as long as he is getting the help he needs. But now it just bugs me.

Well the last two posts have given me some food for thought. I was convinced that because the strattera did nothing for whatever attention problems he is having, that was evidence that he did not have adhd. Now I am back to wondering if maybe he does have adhd in addition to the other problems.

Please tell me what you think-even if you doubt it is what I want to hear.

I am very curious to see how many others have found Strattera helpful but not for attention.[/QUOTE]
My daughter was diagnosed by 2 drs and she has adhd.Concerta helped her alot but caused tics.Strattera is really helping her mood better than anything.She is happy and playful now.She will do what I ask and will not argue like before.She goes to bed at 8:00 and falls right to sleep.She eats better than she did on concerta.She is not as hyper as she is off meds.Now that we added focalin she is doing great in school.I only give her 1 dose in the morning and you can't even tell when it wears off.The strattera is helping to even things out.I think you should get a second opinion and see if he really has adhd.At least the strattera is doing something for him.But if he really has adhd,you might can add a small dose of stimulant to help him even more.Good Luck!Brenda

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