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I do have trich. I started pulling when I was 12. I am now 39. I started taking Wellbutrin last spring. It works very well for me. I actually took my first wellbutrin when my son was on it for adhd. It helped him in so many ways but he was so aggitated and would become very angry. I thought I would try one of his pills to see what it was doing to him. (And I do know that everyone reacts differently and you should never take anyone elses prescription medicine.) The thing I noticed immediately is that I no longer had any urge to pull my hair. It took me by suprise. (I had never even considered seeking treatment for the trich. The less I tried to control it the less I would pull.) I also have only one patch I pull from so it is fairly easy to cover up with my other hair. The only time that I now have the urge to pull my hair out is when I am ovulating. (This is definetly related to hormonal stress--Most of the victims start around puberty.) I still have a bit of [B]the habit [/B] (very different form [U]the need[/U]) of pulling when I am in the car for long periods. Before Wellbutrin I had to give in. Now if my hand goes up to my head I just tell myself to put it down and it is no big deal. I am still amazed at how well the Wellbutrin works for me.

The Wellbutrin works well for ADHD for alot of people. It may be a good one to try.

When my son was 8 years old he became [B]extremely[/B] anxious. In a week span he pulled enough hair to creative quite a large bald spot. Our pediatrician put him on buspar for his anxiety. He quite pulling and hasn't pulled since.

How old is your daughter. Had she pulled at all before the she was on medicine? Do you think that it may be a nervous habit for her or are you afraid she may have trich? Good luck. I know I was very frightened when I discovered my sons bald spot.

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