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I want to start off by giving you some background on my situation. I have 2 boys and a girl currently my sons are 11 and 10 and my daughter is 9. When my youngest son was 4 his mother and I separated. He always seemed to fidget a little while we were together but nothing to severe. Within one month of our separation she was telling me how uncontrolable he was and she took him to a doctor and begged to have him put on ritalin. I was against it and so was the doctor but she is a very convincing woman so it was done. Now he is taking 72mg of concerta. He is now 10 and I get him every weekend. I have only seen prescriptions for 36mg so that is what he gets when I have him. when I pick him up he has just taken 72mg of the medication and he is usually wired, he yells alot, picks at his brother and sister, and is hard to deal with. As the day goes on we have learned that we have to give him ways to spend his energy. NOT PLAYSTATION OR TV. The following day he wakes up and is very calm and is able to entertain himself. I took him fishing a few weeks ago and he was wonderful without his medication. I had him this weekend and did not give him his medication until noon. By 12:30 he was bouncing off of the walls. My opinion is that all kids have energy and some are able to bottle up that energy better than most, for those that can't we need to help them spend that energy. I go swimming with my kids, we go bowling, fishing, skating and all kinds of other stuff. By the time we are done they are worn out. By no means am I saying that your child does not need medication but I feel that as parents we should make it our responsibility to make medication the last resort. My son has even learned to like having someone read to him, any time we are in the car my wife reads to my kids rather than listening to the radio. She stops after every chapter to ask them if they want her to continue and they always say yes. I do feel that my son has ADHD and his mom drugs him while I give him different outlets to spend his energy. I wish you the best!

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