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I am new to the board and I would like to know if anyone has any experience or knowledge of a natural supplement for ADD called Attend made by a company called Vaxa. :bouncing:

Here is my little girls story.....
I have a six yr old little girl diagnosed with ADD. She has severe problems with not paying attention in class, to the point that she has trouble following simple intructions for classwork. She will get the first sentence of instruction, but if the assignment has multiple instructions and the teacher explains all of the steps at once and then lets the class go to work on their child will only do the first step. She rushes through all of her work also. She goes to resource where the class is much smaller and the teacher can go over the instructions more completely, so my little girl does a good deal better in there, but still has attention and frustration issues. I originally tried her on B'Calmed, but like others I have read about, didn't see the results soon enough on a dose that was affordable or "takeable" by my daughter. Getting her to 4 or 5 pills in a day is impossible and she didn't like the chewables. Also, the cost is just too much when you have to take 4 or more more day. She did seem more articulate..better able to express herself and a little less prone to temper tantrums on the supplement but her teacher noticed no improvement in her attention or quality of schoolwork. I also did not notice any improvement in her attention, it did help some with her frustration level but could not afford it long enough to give it a good try for more than 2 months. She has now been on Stratterra 25 mg since December 1, 2003. Her teachers and I did notice a large improvment in her attention and her ability to complete an assignment correctly in the first few days and weeks. However, her mood has been very unstable and we went through 2 weeks of weepy, distraught evenings and then 1 week of total rage and uncontrollable temper tantrums. She seemed to level off after that for a few weeks but over the christmas holiday the headaches got so bad I took her off of it. When she went back to school after the break her teacher noticed immediately that she was back to the old behaviors of not being able to pay attention, inability to complete a task correctly and extreme frustration. I did not tell the teachers I had taken her off of the med until I asked them about her behavior after the xmas break. They had no way of knowing that she was not taking it anymore and therefore I do not feel their response was biased towards the medicine at all. (None of her teachers have ever tried to talk me into giving her meds. However, I felt that she was going to fail 1st grade and/or be put in self-contained, so I was desperate to find something that would work and work we tried B'calmed and then started Stratterra.) So I started her back on the Stratterra and hoped the headaches would subside. They seemd to for a few weeks but then she started complaning of them again. I caleld the doc and asked if we could go back to 18mg to see if that would help....big mistake. Still had headaches and her behavior was horrible. We went back up to 25 mg in less than 2 weeks. We have now been back on 25 mg for almost a month and her behavior is unbearable. She is usually a loving, caring child but lately she has actually been hateful, nasty and extremely disrespectful. She doesn't seem to be able to make these episodes stop either. She can go on with a rant for 30 minutes or so sometimes, then she will cry and tell me her head hurts and she is tired. I don't think her or I can take this anymore. I do not want to put her on stimulants. Her father ( I am divorced from him) had a drug problem ( addicted to amphetamines!) and I do not want to even go there with her. I know they work wonderfully for some kids and I do not criticze then at all, but I am just not comfortable with stims for my child. I would really like to know if anyone has heard anything about had any experience with Attend made by a company called VAXA. They also make Extress and Memorin+. I am considering ordering at least the Attend and trying that along with the Stratterra until school is out (if behavior and headaches don't make us stop first) and then try Attend with Omega 3 & 6 oil for the summer. I would greatly appreciate any comments. My daughter and need all the help we can get. :wave:

I give my daugther 2 capsules of beCalm'd per day (she's 9 yrs old), 3 capsules of Effalex (essential fatty oils) per day and steer her away from foods that she is senstive to (dairy, additives, food coloring, and too much sugar). For the latter, I went to a naturopath who tested for food sensitivities. My daughter had, and to a lesser degree still has, all the same symptoms you describe of your daughter -- short attention-span, irratibility, frustration, inability to process or remember multi-tasked instructions, lack of mental organization skills, poor judgement of social cues, and so on. Her's was a result of an acquired brain injury. It is very common for kids with a brain injury to develop ADD symptoms. BeCalm'd was a 'heaven-sent' for me. I didn't notice the difference right away, but suddenly one day I realized she wasn't arguing with her peers nearly as much, and that we could for the first time since her head injury, have a conversation that lasted longer than 3 seconds. This was in the summer. I wasn't convinced because the previous school year was devastating for her since she was unable to develop lasting friendships and often came home crying and frustrated. Friends rejected her because she was unable to 'keep-up' with them and often she would be rude without realizing it. Prior to the accident, she was extremely popular with friends and exuded self-confidence. So.. needless to say, I was very nervous about the following school year. But she did great! Academically she made some signifcant improvements but not nearly as significant as her social improvements. I believe the latter helped her to develop self-confidence which may have helped with the grades. I do know that when I stop beCalmed, she reverts back to her 'ADD-self'. I strongly urge you to continue with a lower dosage of beCalm'd. I personally feel you were giving your daughter too high a dose (especially since she's only 6). I also think you need to give it at least 45 days or so before giving up. I tried Attend for my daughter and it just wasn't the same. Never tried Vaxa or Strattera. My daughter get's headaches and has 'balance' issues which seem to subside if I remember to give her Effalex daily. Effalex is supposed to help with the 'brain/eye' connection and it definitely can't hurt somce it's essential fatty oils. It sounds like your daughter is trading off ADD symptoms for headaches and irritability. GOOD LUCK!!!
I have to say I give my 5 yr old BeCalm'd. I have for about a month and we saw a difference after a few days. He was about ready to be "asked" to leave his preschool for hurting other kids , not listening, breaking things. One minute he'd be happy and then the next he minute he'd lung at the teacher or other kids. He had about 3 accident reports written up from where he would hurt the other kids. I got so tired of hearing well this is what your son did today.... I tried BeCalm'd with out telling anyone, I wanted to see if they could tell a difference. After the first week the teachers pulled me aside and said wow I don't know what has happened with your son but he has had the best week since he started the program. I just smiled all the way home. I started with the lowest dose then slowly worked it up to what I think is the best dose for him. I know it works because my husband forgot to give him 2 doses and he was irritable and arguing like he was before the BeCalm'd. I got him back on his dosage and he was back on track.....I know I sound like a ad for it but it has made the whole family much happier....

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