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[QUOTE=MPaiement]I'm a teacher's aid and would like to know that if you could choose the best teacher's aid for your ADD/ADHD, what would you be looking for?[/QUOTE]


Normally I'm a lurker to the ADD/HD board. I'm a regular on the Epilepsy board however. But, I had to respond to this one...

The Best Teacher's Aid would be a person who understands that all children do not fit the same mold whether they have AD/HD or not.

This person would be knowledgable in Sensory Intergration Dysfunction. They would understand that [B]very [/B] [I][B]child [/B] [/I] processes incoming information differently, not just from an educational point, but what they see, touch, and smell, as all these areas may affect the childs ability to orginize the educational material being presented.

They would understand that the tag in the back of a new shirt may drive one child wild to the point of disruption were the child next to them may never notice. They would understand that the child who shoves and pushes in the lunch line may not be a bully, but a child who startles easily when bumped from behind and is simply reacting in a "Fight or Flight" response and rather then being punished should simply be moved to the back of the line...

Please read the book "The Out-of-Sync Child". It will give you wonderful insite in how the nerves system processes the world around us! Children with ADD/HD, Epilepsy, CP, Autism all deal with issues related to the nerves system... You may run into nay-sayers on that one, but I've lived it.

My dd, now 15 was treated for years for ADD. Only to discover after her baby brother (13 years younger) started having Grand Mals - that what we were treating was not ADD after all, but a type of seizure/epilepsy. Once we identified the CORRECT problem life became much easier for her and myself as her mother.

Good luck to you! And KUDOS for striving to be the best you can in your profession! I wish everyone teaching the worlds children showed such concern!

Love and light

Lisa and kids :wave:

Jake 12/31/01 Epilepsy, Sensory Intergration Dysfunction
Jenny 1/12/89 Epilepsy, ADD, Sensory Intergration Dysfunction
Steve 3/27/86 GOD - he's 18, nothing that time wont take care of ;)
Lisa, when I looked on Amazon, it looks like the book is all about kids with SIDs. Would the book include information on dealing with ADHD because that is definitely what Cooper has? He takes Strattera and Adderall RX to manage his symptoms.

His teacher was well aware at the beginning of second grade what was going on with him, but she focuses on the negative and is not good on informing me when problems occur until they reach a breaking point. This is after numerous discussions I have had with her regarding keeping me aware. Sometimes he behaves really well at home and not at school. She is aware of this too. I want to give her a book that will help her understand. There is another little boy in his class with Ashperger's (sp?). He is very quite though so he doesn't cause a problem, where as my son is all over the place when his medicine is not working.

What kind of test determine whether or not it's sensory instead of ADHD?

Many thanks,

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