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Hi and welcome to the board.My daughter is almost 6 and taking strattera 40 mg.She started on 18 mg .After a week she went to 25 mg.We noticed some improvments so she was raised to 40 mg after 2 weeks.It is really helping her mood,behavior and hyperness.It is not helping her attention like the stimulants did but I still like it.When she was on Concerta she had tics,would not eat or sleep.The only side effect from Strattera is tiredness since we increased it.She was tired when she started on 18 mg but it got better after a week.You have to start on a low dose and go up slowly.You also have to take it with food.My daughter's dr said to give it with peanut butter so she eats a pb&j sandwich for breakfast before she takes it.I don't know why your daughter's dr started her on 40 mg.Is he a specialist or pediatrician?Good luck and hang in there because strattera can take 4-6 weeks to work.

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