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Hi folks,

I'm new to the message board and looking for some information. I was diagnosed at the age of 20 when I had almost completely destroyed my life. Since then, I've been on Dexedrine and my life has changed in ways that I never imagined. After suffering through severe weight loss and the other usual side effects, I managed to get everything under control and have actually gained more weight than I started with (much to my dismay).

Now my psychologist is recommending that I try Adderall. Apparently, the transition is almost seamless (or so I'm told). The only difference is that I only have to take one dose/day instead of two and I have to pay 10 times as much because it's only 50% covered under my drug plan. I just wanted to check before I go out and drop a big wad of cash for a few pills....has anyone done the transition?? Good or bad side effects??

Any help would be appreciated.
Hello, iv been researching psychostimulants lately, because i was recently diagnosed with add, mainly due to my prior drug use. Im surprised my doctor even persribed me adderall, but he knows im not a stimulant abuser, mainly a downer, or opiate addict. I took a 2 page test and he perscribed me 10mg of adderall 2x daily per month.
Adderall has 4 different amphetamines. 1/4 of adderal is dextroamphetamine/dexadrine. But from an experienced person in this section of drugs, he wrote that dexadrine is a bit more euphoric, more mental stimulation and less peripheral stimulation(nervousness, anxiety). Note, he did state that adderall does have its good points, and actually is better than Ritalin, for social well being, motivation, and does have add properties, but i believe Ritalin is a bit better for add or concentration (studying all night).
But the first 3 days, i took my 10mg adderall too late, and was up online till 8 am, so i now take my adderall before 4or 5pm, even though im a night owl. I also take klonopin 1mg 3x daily to counteract any anxiety or stimulation from adderall which seems to work well. I vary from 5mg to 10mg. From what i read, the higher the dose, the better for add. But then there is more anxiety or stimulation. I guess different people vary. Adderall seems to be the in the middle, most variety of amphetamines, than just methylphenadate or dexadrine. I dont hear alot of people on dexadrine or desoxyn, probably due to the fact its similar to methamphetamine.
But My mixutre of adderall 5-10mg 2x a day, with klonopin 1mg 2-3x a day, i find im more social, motivational ect. I used illegal drugs to be like this, but i had to stop my addiction before i got into more trouble. So i turned to persciption meds, taken as perscribed. Though im sure if you get a person who is a speed freek, he will abuse adderall. Just like people abuse benzos, alcohol, opiates, ect.
Adderall, tends to release dopamine from the nucleaus acummbens, the brains reward center, so one would feel more confident and outgoing. Unlike caffiene or ephedrine which release from other areas, and causing anxiety, though caffiene is a psychostimulant on its own, but not that great.

Good luck and keep me informed.
Thanks for the drug lesson. I was unaware of how different Adderall was from plain old dexedrine. I sure as heck don't need the confident and outgoing feelings since that's been one of my strong points since I was a kid (even when getting shot down by everyone for my poor mirroring skills).

While I do experience some of the anxiety from dexedrine, I've learned to organize my life and career around calm actions and reactions so that anxiety does not have a chance to take hold if it presents itself. I guess this all goes to show that there are two sides to any perscription medication...especially psychostimulants. There is what the drug causes you to feel and what you choose to do about it.

I think I'm going to stick with what works for me. While after 8 years I still have trouble remembering my afternoon dose, it doesn't affect me as much anymore mostly due to the coping measures that I have developed.

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