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I've read many posts about the negative side effects of Strattera, and also a lot of people discontinuing the med because it stopped working, didn't work at all, or made things worse. This doesn't look good. I've been on it for about 5 weeks, and the best it has been was the 2nd week. I feel more scatterbrained, forgetful, and inattentive than ever. I'm definitley going to give it more time to work, but it doesn't look promising. Being that I'm bipolar, I can't take the classic stimulants that are given to people with ad/adhd. So, I don't know if there are any more medication options out there for me at this point.
Are there any people out there with some positive stories about Straterra? Anyone taking it for a year or more with good results? I would like to hear from you. Thanks. :confused:
[COLOR=hotPink] Hey, unfortunately I'm not giving you a success story. I just replyed to tell you I was on straterra for about a month, it worked for a couple days then it stopped working so they'ed up my dosage. Same thing would happen. So they finally took me off of it. Bad part is though, they didn't put me on something else either. So I'm back to not being able to concentrate in school or at home or anywhere. I can never sit still. Doctor says "it might just be a learning disability". I don't know. I don't know all the meds out there besides straterra, ritalin and adderal. But when one doesn't work for someone, another one does. Look into some.[/color]

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