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"First, let me say that I am not 100% against drug treatments."

That is good - I am sure most parents who used ADHD drugs on their children do not do so to make things easiert for themselves, but to help the CHILD get the best out of life. Categorically denying medical treatment IMHO is detrimental to the child, especially in severe cases - however I agree that giving alternative treatments a try first is a good strategy. (He is too young for medication anyway, but IF he has it and IF it should a problem when he gets to start school, then it may help him there as well as in his social and home life)

"I just don't like that we are essentially altering their brain patterns at such a young age, when the brain is still developing."

ADHD medications do not restructure the brain, they rebalance the levels of a neurotransmitter called Dopamine, which are disturbed in people with "true" ADHD. (Food intolerances and dietary or metabolic deficiencies worsen this drastically)

"most of these drugs don't have any long-term use studies on what they effect in the long run."

ADHD drugs, in particular methyphenidate, are actually one of the longest-used and safest psychiatric medications around (the same cannot be said for antidepressants or Strattera for example, which often get prescribed ahead of stimulants, especially in adult ADHD).

Of course it can be dangerous if used wrongly, but swallowing a whole packet of Ritalin is no more stupid and no less dangerous than swallowing a whole packet of aspirin or paracetamol for example. Ritalin is just a lot harder to get a hold of.

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