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I'm not going to fight with you over something as insignificant as whether or not i've seen a commercial. I've seen a strattera commercial that talks about children with adhd, but that's it. The remark about the hospital was only made to tell you that you shouldnt be judging me like you are because you dont know what i've been trough im my life and to explain the fact that i dont WANT to take medication(like you seemed to think, even though you dont know me and are automatically assuming something that you cant confirm). I am willing to bet that you werent on anti-biotics for 1.5 years that were supposed to help you that actually, in turn, caused some of my current kidney damage. I am also willing to bet that you didnt have major surgery when you were 5 that basically determined my quality and length of life. So please stop with it because i dont want to be a rude and mean person, but telling someone that almost dieing is insignificant in their life is a bunch of pooey.

Anyway, i went to my PSYCHOLOGIST appoinment today and we talked and all that with my parents and then he had me "play a game" with this box with a button on it. I was supposed to push the button when i thought that it had been long enough and if it was then i got a point. The box had a timer with a set time on the inside and a certain amount of time to play the game. The objective was to get as many points as you could with the max capable being 60. Well, that was harder than it sounds and i got a 4 on it, and they give you the first point. Then there was one with numbers wher you had to wait for a 1 then a 9 appear in the center number push the button. Lets put it this way... i completely bombed them and failed the first test in my entire life.

The psych. came to the same conclusion that the psychiatrist did, being that he had reason to believe that i have adhd. my mom didnt care for that too much, but she picked the psych because she trusted his opinion. Of course my parents began getting into the argument of whether or not it was medically incorrect for the psychiatrist to do what he did. He told my mom that everyone needs to support my decision about how i want to seek treatment and where i want to go with everything, even if they dont agree. He's faxing over a reccomendation to my pediatrician tomorrow for what meds to suggest i try and we are going to talk to her about it and see what she suggests because of my kidney problems(my mom is so frightened that the meds will hurt them even more). He suggested that i try concerta before anything else because it does its work and then gets out of your system and you are back to before, and you will see results faster than with strattera(the other choice). My mom doesnt like the idea of "mixing a drug coctail" for her daughter every day, which is ironic since she is a psychiatric nurse, but whatever.

I thought that i would update everyone on whats going on with me and i just want to say thanks for everyone who gave me advice because without it, i wouldnt have even talked to my mom and i wouldnt be getting help right now. :bouncing:

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