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I'm a 24 year old male...busy schedule..lots of studying etc etc... recently diagnosed with ADD... Been on strattera for about 9 months now...gone up and down in dosage..

I am wondering if anyone else experiences some of this fatigue that I get.

I take 2 pills in the morning....and then 1 in the afternoon. I tend to feel groggy the whole time I'm supposed to be under the influence of it, and then in evening I get super very very focused..but I can't focus on what I need to..instead I just go to internet and do random things... like search for sites on ADD :) haha

Lately, I started to have half a cup of coffee in addition to my morning pills, and this seemed to REALLY help with the fatigue. It still seems to get me over that plateau, but sometimes I feel like extremely anxious as well. My pulse remains around 70 - 80 (initially when I started it was at 100 or even more at rest...and normal for me is 60)....

In addition to this, i'm an avid weight lifter, sports enthusiast. I've noticed that during any form of heavier lifting - say of any weights, I fatigue almost instantly... I can do prolonged running at a pace of maybe mile in nine to 10 min...but as soon as I start to Lift heavy weights, I can't go for more than a few reps and I have to stop. I've lost about 15 pounds since going on first it was great b/c I was getting completely ripped...but now I feel like I can't even workout b/c I have no energy for it.

Anyone else experiencing something like this?

I tend to have strong strong reactions to pills...same with paxil that I tried last year...must be a poor metabolizer or something....

So I'm thinking of cutting back to 50mg just in the morning...

HOWEVER, one other interesting thing about strattera..if I yo yo my dosage (only sometimes if I forget)...say i go down in dose, I find that I have a ton more energy and almost am more focused. So I go from 50 to's much better..but then when I'm at 75 for a little while, i get completely sluggish..and vice versa...

So does anyone alternate like between two doses on a daily basis? Might get confusing..but I might attempt that and see how that works...

So no one has fatigue with strattera?

Or has noticed any change with their endurance on any activities?

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