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I was recently diagnosed with ADD (about 6 weeks ago) and was put on Concerta 36 mg. After about a week of working with it, we ended up at 36 mg upon getting up and 36 mg at Noon. When I picked up my prescription the 2nd time, the pharmicist was out of the 36 mg pills, so gave me twice as many 18 mg pills. The Concerta had been working GREAT! I was able to focus, complete projects, etc. When I started taking 2 of the 18 mg pills, I began having focusing problems again. Does anyone know anything about this? I received my 36 mg pills today in the mail and am now able to focus again. I thought maybe it was Daylight Savings time change or my lack of schedule during Easter Week, but maybe it's the fact that 2-18mg pills are not the same as 1-36 mg Concerta.

Any ideas??

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