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[QUOTE=UARebel]It has often been known in the past that many professionals in all sorts of fields have biased opinions in one way or another. As I said, professionals. Althought they are professionals, does not mean that their opinions are always correct. For example, many people opposed the Vietnam War, and demonstrated protests. Then again, these same people, of whom many if not pretty much all had never been to Vietnam and nor did they have a real sense of the purpose. Even further back, around the time of the 1400s-1492, it was known or assumed by many prominent leaders that the world was flat. It Columbus or others sailed it, they would die. Yet then again, a lack of proof. They had not been to the other side, it was just a way of proving to people how affective it could be to spread mass-hysteria or simple doubt. These doctors you named, where do they do research? A lot of these health professionals believe that since it is a controlled substance, it is automatically cocaine. But, the main reason it is a class 2 drug, is because of the wide use of it during the 60s. Dexedrine was a widely used weight loss drug, and people were often using several hundred milligrams a day. That is the real reason why the government moved it to this control group, not because of its deadly nature. Also, If you would like, Doctors such as Kevin R. Murphy, John J. Ratey, and Edward Hallowell describe in their works the safety of the drugs. THESE doctors have done research, and overseen research, and clearly know the effects, as opposed to many who saw in a magazine that some kid snorted adderall in a bar. Prominent cardiologists in the southeast such as Brian McGwier and Edward Robinson have also clarified that there is no deadly danger from the drugs to the heart. Doctors and other professionals can say and feel as they like, but if you browse medical research centers such as the University of Mass. Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, you will find that the doctors who are in favor of the safety are the ones who have actually done the research, and therefore the ones who actually know what they are talking about.[/QUOTE]

Dr. Peter Breggin, for example, always quotes research in his writings. Research for/against can be quoted till doomsday because there is always some on both sides. Needless to say, however, the majority of research (not all but most) is paid for by drug companies. I came across an internet application for research grants from Eli Lilly and I thought it was interesting how they noted on it that anyone applying should keep in mind the interests of the company....

This is not conspiracy theory.... right now there's a whole stink about the discovery of the unpublished clinical trials which showed unfavorable results of antidepressant therapy for children. This was recently all over the news if you missed it. The favorable ones got published in all those medical journals that doctors' you mentioned read up on. There would be no other type of research than this if it wasn't for, thank goodness, independant research but money is harder to come by so there is no doubt alot less to read about any negative effects of prescription mind drugs.

Nobody has to lie, just manipulate.

If you want some proof of biological disease, there should be a biological test. Lets take diabetes, which is a very popular comparison to mental disorders. If you have symptoms indicating diabetes, your doctor takes blood to determine if your sugar is within certain known and long proven healthy levels. If it turns out you have it, you are required to home monitor your sugar to regulate how much medication you need. So, where's the biological dopamine test and what are your levels? How do they change during the day? Are you getting just the right amount of medication according to those levels? Gee, if dopamine is what you need, what's up with Strattera anyway? The insulin issue is pretty solid, not much mystery/experimentation going on there.

You see, they don't play by the same rules as biological diseases yet they want to be in the same ballpark. All they have is the fact there have been studies on how drugs effect the brain; gosh, even LSD experiments from the 1960's showed a favorable outcome when they discovered a nice side effect of it was extreme happiness due to serotonin release. So, it was assumed sad people were lacking, how scientific is that. No proof, just happy people with small doses of LSD to thank. Nevermind sadness could quite possibly be due to external factors or bad health/pain/sleep/energy. They quickly started to develop simular drugs....I'm sure in the beginning the motive were pure but these days it's clear money comes first.

That's why I think they really don't know what they are talking about.

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