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My son,,,,who is now 12, took Adderall about 4 year ago, and ended up with terrible TICS from it. then they told us he didn't have ADHD.
Well, we just started going back to this doctor this past November, as he's had THE SAME problems since then and just getting worse. so, just recently he was d/x'd with ADHD & Bipolar. He's been on Strattera for about a month, not much of a change at all! She prescribed him Concerta yesterday, as that was one of the ADHD meds that his ins. company covers. well, went to pick up script last nite,,,,and guess what???? they need pre-authorization, the doctor has to call and tell them that it is medically necessary!!! It's BS.....if it wasn't medically necessary, she wouldn't have prescribed it...HELLO!!! she's starting him on 27mg of the Concerta. HOPE THIS WORKS!!
He is also taking Depakote.
As i recall back when he was on the Adderall, he did not have any weight loss. sorry about the venting, kind of got off the subject there :dizzy:
Good luck to everyone ;)

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