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Thanks for your suggestions index. Actually, my husband and I have discussed taking him off the Strattera. He also takes asthma meds and they of course can have a stimulant effect. We are going to make an appointment with his doctor to discuss these problems.

As far as the traumatic part, that was one of the first things that came to mind. The only things I can think of are related to my health. Unfortunately,
he witnessed the emergency squad taking me out of the house in the middle of the night when I had an intestinal blockage. They could not find a pulse on me at the time. He was standing in the hall crying when they took me out of the house. I of course spent several days in the hospital. Then of course I had a spinal fusion 3 months ago. As I mentioned in my earlier post, he constantly asks "can it kill you".

As far as the bi-polar thing goes, I have a first cousin who is bi-polar. Her daughter was also recently diagnosed. And, I went to a psychiatrist last week for depression. My PCP wanted me to go to a Neuropsychiatrist but could not find one in my network. My PCP feels my cluster headaches and depression are all related to my chronic pain. I went to this psychiatrist and I told him I was depressed because I could not participate in my family life anymore and we were having severe financial problems because I can no longer work. All I do is sit in my recliner all day. All of this is related to my chronic pain, not because I am withdrawing from my family. But, this psychiatrist applied these things to withdrawing instead of pain and made the dx of either bi-polar or schizophenia. He gave me Zyprexa. I came home and looked it up and needless to say when I found out it was an antipsychotic used for bi-polar or schizophrenia, I did not take it. I called my PCP the next morning because he knows me very well. He told me not to take the Zyprexa and called in Effexor. He does not believe I am bi-polar. I do not have any manic episodes. Yes I am severely depressed but have never had a manic episode. I have seen these episodes first hand when my cousin was not on medication. She would get episodes where she was like super woman or something. All the classic signs, super ego, constantly talking, cleaning, spending money like there was no tomorrow. Anyway, this is about my son not me. I just wanted to explain what was going on when I answered the question about bi-polar. Heck, I almost wish I were because it would help my SSD case.

I just went back and read your post again, and you know I am beginning to wonder if somehow he thinks his behavior has caused my medical problems. I wouldn't put it past hubby's family to have told him he had to "behave" so I would get better. I just pray that's not the case. I think a long heart to heart is in order. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

I will update after I take him to the doctor. I do think I am going to take him off of everything except asthma meds for now. One more thing, his father has thyroid disease.... I think I may request a thyroid test for him. I know that can affect mood also.

God Bless,
Sherry :wave:

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