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Hey. I'm almost 37 years old and I've never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but I majorly believe that I am ADD. I am - DEFINATELY NOT - hyperactive is why I asked.

I was a child of the 70s and I am legally (but not totally) blind. I went to a school for the blind where the academics was awful but even there I was constantly being told to "pay attention" when I was a child. I tried to "pay attention" so that I wouldn't have to hear "pay attention" anymore.

About two years ago I went into a ADD channel in Yahoo chat and asked some questions. I was given a link to a questionaire on ADD and that questionaire fit me to a T.

I know I've said this once but it's definately worth repeating that I am NOT hyperactive! That's why I'm asking this question. I want to know if you can still have trouble with your attention span and not be hyperactive.

After highschool I tried college and that was a nightmare. I wanted to succeed so badly but yet failed so miserably. My education was poor to say the least. I couldn't keep up with the pace and my vision definately played a role in things. I still (even at 36) would like to be a well read and educated man. Is it possible for me to obtain this goal now with the disabilities that I have and that I think I have?

Any: help, comments, or advice? I welcome all the help on this I can get.
ADD = Attention deficit disorder
ADHD = Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Theyre the same but one has the extra component of hyperactivity. You would just be ADD (not ADHD) But remember lots of things cause these types of symptoms, its important not to just jump to the conclusion that its ADD just because the symptoms fit you. You say your vision played a role. Many times people with life long vision problems present symptoms of ADD, however its not really ADD, its just the result of them not seeing things correctly or having problems with their vision.

Get into an adult learning program if your interested. They might be able to help you 'catch up'. Also, if you do get a dx of LD or ADD you can go to college and get accomodations to help you. (free tutors, untimed tests, things like that)

Good Luck!
"if you do get a dx of LD or ADD" dx = diagnosis right?

By "long" vision do you mean bad vision? I've never heard of long vision.

How do they diagnose you with ADD? Who would you need to see about this?

"Get into an adult learning program if your interested. They might be able to help you 'catch up'."

What kind of adult learning program? Technically speaking, I am a highschool graduate.
(pssss ..Re-read my post Ranger - I said "life long vision problems") - That means vision problems your whole life.

They have adult programs at places like Sylvan learning center. You may want to look into one of those. Or you could enroll at a local community college.

In your post you said that you had vision problems. That can sometimes mimic ADD. You need to start by seeing a regular doc and getting a full physical including tests for thyroid issues.

Then go get your hearing and vision tested. (and fixed if possible) You must realize that vision problems can cause attention problems. If a child cannot see, he cannot pay attention properly to things around him. Dont rush into an ADD dx.

If after all that you still think you need an ADD evaluation go to a psychiatrist or psychologist who deals with adult ADD.

Yes dx = diagnosis.

Is it easier to read if things are in all caps? I would have done it this time but some people translate caps into yelling, didnt want to be rude. If you would like messages in all caps though let me know.
In college, we've learned that ADD is now only called ADHD. However, there are two components:
ADHD-I: Attention Deficit Disorder with Inattention
ADHD-C: Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity and Inattention
Doctors and psychologist now diagnosis this into two categories. Don't know if I've answered your question at all, but I hope I've helped somewhat. If you really feel like you do have ADHD-I, there's nothing wrong with talking to someone about it. I wish you the best!
Thank you LauraLu. I just learned a lot from you and Free Spirit both.

Free Spirit will you please tell me about Sylvan learning center. Where is Sylvan learning center? I have heard of Sylvan learning center on TV but I know absolutely nothing about them. Is Sylvan a residential place? Thank you.
You just look it up in a phone book to find the one near you. They have lots of programs. The most known about is the kids one. But I've heard they also have programs for adults with disabilities. You just got for a few hours pre week and they have teachers/tutors who work with you one on one.

You might enjoy a community college setting more. For that all you need to do is document your vision problems. Which Im sure you can do. And then go to any community college, to the students with disabilities office. Then you can enroll in classes and get all the extra help you need for free. They provide things like books on tape, note takers, test accomodations and more. And I think it would actually end up being a bit cheaper than the program at Sylvan. Plus, you would be able to take classes you are actually interested in.

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