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I know how difficult this is! What time do you give it to him in the am?
The sleeplessness really is an issue with these stimulants. I find it really helps for me to give my son his pill very early and then he gets to sleep better. He also gets to sleep better when he gets lots of exercise in his day. Another question; have you thought about Ritalin? It has to be given in two four-hour doses so the nurse would give it to him at school during the day. Ritalin is the same drug as Concerta except it's not time-released. The difference is that your son would have 8 hours of a stimulant in his body instead of 12 and may be able to get to sleep better at night.

I definitely think that if the Concerta isn't taming his ADHD then he isn't getting enough. So, you have the option of upping the dose and seeing if the side effects subside or trying something different.

I'm here for support!


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