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[B] I have an 11 yr. old son who has ADHD, about a 8 months ago the DR had taken him off his concerta.... [B]If your child is on either drug I strongly suggest that you have your doctor check their liver enzymes. [/B] My child had extremely elevated liver enzymes due to concerta or methelphenadate. both concerta and ritilian contain methelphenadate. My child had only been on these drugs for 3 years and the doctor would never check his liver blood levels until I insisted that he did so.

lUCKLY WE COUGHT IT IN TIME, my son was on the verge of drug induced hepatitis. now that he is off the medication his liver enzymes are slowly getting back to normal levels..
Very glad to hear you caught this.

Elevated liver enzymes are a known and very rare side effect of Ritalin, one that is listed in the PDR, etc. I noticed from your other posts that your family appears to have a history of liver disease. Does the doctor think there is a connection? - ie that your son's condition may be related to heredity?
Soda, no the doc didn't think the family history was related. I just had a laproscopic surgery done where the doc seen the cyst on my liver the same one he seen back in 95. Now they are checking it out via, ultrasound at first he thought it may have been a hemangioma and now he is thinking other wise.??? In due time I guess will find the results of that, I don't think it is anything too concerning though, he did a full blown liver function blood work. all results were within normal range...
Okay people, now I am scared! I have been on Concerta for about a month and have absolutely loved it! I am scared now about the liver thing. Are there any symptoms??? I started on 18 and have been on 27 for 3 weeks now. The doc is thinking of taking me to 27 in the AM and then possibly 9-18 in the afternoon. Anybody else on Concerta for a long period of time with no bad effects?? Please respond. Thanks! Oh, by the way, I am 25. Thanks! :confused:
Manik -

My sons liver enzymes took some time before they became elevated. But when they decided to; they just started shooting right up there. I can only suggest that you have yours checked every 3 months or so... As with any medication that is not water solauble that you are on for any extended length of time you should have your liver enzymes checked because the drug is processed through the liver. you can ask your doc. to do just an (alt) and (ast) instead of a full blown liver function test...

after doing extensive reasearch on this matter... elevated liver enzymes is not a rare side effect... there are quite a few reports of it.... I started reasearching it when my sons pediatrition said that he was concerned about drug induced hepatitis because of my sons elevated liver enzymes.. Once the enzymes are elevated it takes quite awhile before they return to normal values..

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