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[QUOTE=lrichar4]My daughter was on adderral only for a short time. It didn't seem to do any good. She lost a extreme amount of weight, very aggressive, etc. that was about 2 years ago. She is stuggling in school. She is also ha a learning disability. She is 12 years old. I've been told about Stratterra. has anybody heard about this drug.? HELP!![/QUOTE]

I am a 35 year old male who switched from adderall to strattera, because the stimulant, adderall, made my hands shake (like after drinking strong coffee), and I work a job that requires a steady hand.

I have ADD, but not ADHD.

Strattera was an awfull experience. It made me dazed, depressed, dizzy and sleepy. When I missed a dosage, the next time I took the med. it would make me strangely nauseated and caused fits of profuse sweating. This would last about 45 minutes.

Being a male, strattera gave me unusual sexual side effects. It caused pre-mature ejaculations, painful non-erotic erections, and a burning sensation in my throat, stomach (caused heartburn), penis and anus. Must have some kind of acid effect.

Worse, I felt like the medication didn't help one bit. I am back on adderall and loving my life.

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