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My son took adderall and did fine from 6-9th grade but then switched to strattera which my doctor felt was the new wonder drug. He took ritalin for a very short time in 5th grade I have been told that Ritalin is basically for people with ADHD so if your child is not hyperactive there are now better drugs for her. the ritalin actually made him hyperactive
In our case I see no difference between the adderal and the strattera except he is sleeping a lot (but he has grown several inches over the past 6 months so i am not sure if it is the drug or the growth spurt).
I would say try it. We tried 3 drugs before Adderall and I suggested that to my doc as my friends son had good luck with it and it worked for us. The strattera might be the one which works for you. My doc says it has the least side affects of all of them and is not addictive.
In terms of your hesitancy, we used nothing until 5th grade. My son is also very shy and had big problems making friends and having self esteem. He was making it in school barely but the doc said try it, if only to help his self esteem, so we did. He is still shy but now the other kids do not make fun of him anymore so his life is a lot more pleasant, and he is an A student.

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