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I am a 42 y/o ADD male. I have lived with ADD all my life without knowing it. I have been called lazy, procatinator and air-head to name a few. It has only been recently in the last 6 months that, with the help of a VERY loving and understanding wife, I have come to tearms with the fact that I am NOT lazy, procatinator and air-head.

Ive been taking [U][B]Vaxa's Attend [/B] [/U] for months now. My wife was the first to notice the difference in my behavior. The changes, after about 2 weeks, were so subtle to me that I didnt notice. Yes, I still procastinate, and there are times when I still cant find my keys or shoes, but the difference is astounding.

I first noticed the difference when I ran out of my medication after taking it for three straight months. I was in a living hell! Because of all of the "noise" inside my head, I could not think straight and had difficulty remembering anything for short periods of time without intense concentration (broken frequently) or making lists. I have not had a lapse in meds since that time. I hadnt realized how much I had adapted my life around my ADD so I could function as a normal person. Since taking Attend I have had ZERO side effects due to the medicine. I take Attend because I am a member of the United States Air Force, and even though I have had ADD the entire time I have been in the military (16+ years) if I were to try to get a medical prescription, I would be labeled with ADD and medically discharged from the military.

This post is NOT and advertisement for VAXA or its products. It is just me taking the time to let some of you out there of a natural source of medication. For those of you who have the fear of "labeling" yourself or your children as ADD. My life is so much better now. My wife would KILL me if I took myself off my Attend medicine.

Good luck to you and yours :bouncing:
Thank you for sharing the information. Are taking only Attend, or are you still taking the meds you referred to? Do you know of any interactions between Attend and Wellbutrin?
On a related issue, you might want to check out the thread on "How do i talk to my mom about adhd?" It looks like some info about the benefits of Attend might be useful there.
Peace! :angel: [ex-USN :wave: Speaking of D-Day: Aren't you glad they made the world safe for the USAF? :D ]
We're going to have our 21 yr old daughter tested for ADD next month. Our youngest daughter has ADHD and she's Autistic. The 21 yr old has always had problems focusing and staying on task throughout her elementary, high school, and now college years. She's now on the verge of getting dropped from college because she doesn't meet the minimum GPA. She's very socialable (probably too sociable) and is not hyperactive at all. She's more of the opposite I think. She was pretty active when she was a kid however but now she gone to the other end of the scale where she now has a slight weight problem due mainly to inactivity and of course, her diet. So she not ADHD like my other daughter. But she has a tremendous time to stay focused on one thing. She quickly moves from one topic to another and never finishes the thing that she initially started unless someone re-directs her. Her mind tends to wander off to other things and this is why she's having so much trouble in school. Hopefully it not ADD but just a lack of priority and focus on her part because the subjects she's not doing well in are the subjects she hates or or subjects not directly related to her major (Math and English to be specific).

Now I know what her psych will probably say since its the same one our younger daughter is seeing. He'll probably diagnose her as ADD and immediately put her on meds. We really hate having to use meds to treat things like this so this is why I'm trying to find out some natural means of treating this disorder if one exists. At least I want to be well informed before seeing the psych.

So is this Attend is not really a medicine but some natural element or vitamin or food supplement? Where I can I get more info on it?
First of all I am not a doctor, just a parent, and an adult with ADD. Yes it does sound like your daughter has ADD, but not necessarily ADHD (with hyperactivity). Ive always been a quiet person myself. Her ability to focus strongly on an item is a "Hyper Focus" If I focused upon a single task I liked I appeared intense, if it was TV, my wife had trouble getting my attention. The inability to complete a task is part of the ADD. I still tend to be that way to a degree, but not nearly as bad as I once was. The company that makes attend is VAXA and their web page is [url][/url] be sure to scroll down the page for more detailed information on ADD/ADHD. Also, I dont buy my attend from there I use this web site: [url][/url] their prices just went up to 32.95, but its free shipping and the cheapest Ive found.
Attend is not a pharmacutical med. It is a huge list of natural elements, vitamins, amino acids, etc specially formulated for memory and helping to control the effects of ADD.

Hope this helped.
I am only taking Attend and vitamins supplements. I do not know of any interactions with wellbutrin, but the information that Ive read says that Attend has no known drug interactions, and that it is safe to take with other ADD meds. For more info, The companys web site is: [url][/url]

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