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[QUOTE=Banker]What does the adderall do for you? How does it help? [/QUOTE]

Adderall is a stimulant. Buy a triple Mocha at Starbucks and one will get a sense of what adderall is, it can be euphoric at times.

Overall, it helps one keep awake and alert. ADD is closely related to sleep disorders and Narcolopsey, so it stands to reason one needs proper stimulation.

I like the medication.

[QUOTE]But I've now been officially diagnosed and have been given strattera... too scared to start taking it though... isn't that weird?[/QUOTE]

No. It isn't weird. Strattera was awfull for me.

It made me dazed, depressed, dizzy and sleepy. When I missed a dosage, the next time I took the med. it would make me strangely nauseated and caused fits of profuse sweating. This would last about 45 minutes.

Being a male, strattera gave me unusual sexual side effects. It caused pre-mature ejaculations, painful non-erotic erections, and a burning sensation in my throat, stomach (caused heartburn), penis and anus. Must have some kind of acid effect. It also gave me bad, pounding headaches.

Worse, I felt like the medication didn't help one bit. I am back on adderall and loving my life.

but don't take my word for it, here's a link to another thread on the subject, from a male perspective (I'm assuming your male)

(have to cut and paste link, won't let one hyper link)

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