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In my experience making people with ADD feel judged, as in the previous post about pot being 'unhealthy and unlawful, is just about the least effective way to get them to change their behaviors. Education, on the other hand, works well.

The author of Driven to Distraction identifies pot as the most 'dangerous' drug for ADDers because it provides both a sense of heightened adventure and an increased feeling of calm, making it potentially very addictive. Unlike a previous poster, I don't think its my place to judge you for using it, but do be aware that many people think it poses unique risks for ADDers.

DoubleVision, unfortunately the reason so many ADDers smoke is because it works similarly to Ritalin or Dexedrine. Objectively speaking nicotine is a very effective treatment for ADD symptoms associated with focus, concentration, etc. BUT... We ALL know the extreme associated dangers and why people should choose NOT to smoke. However, for me it was actually much easier to quit once I could stop judging myself for smoking and see that I was essentially medicating myself. (see the article below)

If you really smoke as little as a cigarette day, I'd go against the anti-smoking furor and say don't even worry about it. I, for one, couldn't ever have smoked that little so I had to stop.

Nicotine, like the psychostimulants methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine, acts as an indirect dopamine agonist and improves attention and arousal. Adults and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) smoke much more frequently than normal individuals or those with other psychiatric conditions, perhaps as a form of self-medication for ADHD symptoms. Nicotine might therefore have some value as a treatment for ADHD. The present study is an acute double-blind crossover administration of nicotine and placebo with smokers (n = 6) and nonsmokers (n = 11) diagnosed with adult ADHD. The drug was delivered via a transdermal patch at a dosage of 7 mg/day for nonsmokers and 21 mg/day for smokers. Results indicate significant clinician-rated global improvement, self-rated vigor and concentration, and improved performance on chronometric measures of attention and timing accuracy. Side effects were minimal. These acute results indicate the need for a longer clinical trial and a comparison with other stimulants in adult ADHD treatment.
I quit because I could not handle the addiction anymore- it really control my life- I was so dependent on smoking for focus and concentration but I also felt like such a vicitm to it. The quitting was not easy- I did not do any of the new drugs out there or patches- I went to a hypthotherapist. She did a session with me and then had me replay it at home whenever I had a smoking desire- which was always. But I stuck with it and yes I was a crazy lady for awhile. The physical addiction lasts like 48 hours but the mental one takes a lot longer to conquere. I also went down to Chinatown and asked for herbs to help stop smoking. I was always taking them. I would not be around anyone who smoked, least I'd be tempted. It was sheer willpower and it affected my art and writing. Never thought I'd get through= but here I am years later and I can not ever imaie smoking again.
One last thing. I have friends who still smoke and they are either ill often or look really old. I am so grateful that I quit.

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